Helping those on the Autism Spectrum build skills to navigate life’s challenges independently, have genuine friendships, find and maintain employment, and most importantly achieve happiness and success in life.

Have you noticed…

  • a lack of eye contact
  • a social disconnect
  • language display
  • a lack of flexibility
  • repetitive behaviors
  • a problem connecting

…with your child?

The most valuable thing that RDI has taught me is that the connections and “rules of life” need to be learned through experiences. In our home we have two autistic children. Even though they both have ASD, they exhibit opposite characteristics of the spectrum. Where one is sensory seeking, the other is avoidant; where one is anxiety/perfectionist driven, the other checks out. But RDI is working both both children because they are learning from actual experiences with natural consequences.

— Kristi


Having this new “RDI mentality” has helped so much in our home. Now I am able to look at everything in a new way. Everything last year was a huge fight, and now it is completely different.

— Becca



Certified Relationship Development Intervention Consultants. Behavioral Specialists, and Speech Therapists.

Serving families in the Mountain West since 2003.


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